Dr. Ph Martin's Concentrated Watercolors

I got to play with a new toy yesterday - Dr. Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolors.  Because they are SO RADIANT, they're recommended for anything that's going to be reproduced.  I'm not actually sure why they're recommended for reproduction. They are supersaturated and superbrilliant, so maybe they scan really well? Dunno. I'll try to do some investigating and get back to you. 

I do know from testing, however, that when Doc Martin says concentrated, he means it.  I put ONE DROP of each color in my travel box:

and BAM!  I had enough color to cover two pages in my small-ish (5x8"?) moleskin watercolor book.

I was watching Helix while doodling, which is why the language seems...out of place. 

Each color comes in these nifty 1/2 ounce dropper bottles. I got set A.  Still expensive - sixty bucks - but half an ounce will probably last me an entire sketchbook.  There are four sets of 14 for a total of 56 colors.  

THE CAVIAT to my RECOMMENDATION: I don't know if this is true for the other sets, but when I diluted each color a certain amount, the different colors started looking the same. I don't know if that's because I had leftover color in my brush or not, but when diluted persimmon started looking a lot like diluted alpine rose, you feel a little cheated.  I'll have to do more testing to make sure I wasn't just doing it wrong. 

THE CATCH: These watercolors (also used as dye) are NOT lightfast, so keep them where the sun don't shine, as it were. Or not. Preferably not.  Maybe just keep them in a portfolio.